What To Expect From Us

This is your home.
Our approach is built on trust and transparency - every step of the way.

We’ve heard the horror stories of renovation projects that turned into nightmares … spiraling costs, unreliable contractors, poor quality construction, lack of communication, and projects that were abandoned half-way through.

And we cringe every time.

It’s heartbreaking to hear that so many folks have lost time and money on contractors who didn’t follow through.

We saw a need for something radically different, and we did something about it. We walk with you through the entire home building process from start to finish.

When we finish your home, it will be finished to the same standard we would apply if we were building our own home: unique, high quality, durable. A treasure that can be passed onto future generations.

Every project is unique and may include different steps along the way, but here’s an idea of what you can expect when you work with Kinnison Homes.

Customers with an established project plan:

We’ll begin the bidding process with subcontractors and suppliers and put together an estimate.

Customers without a project plan:

We will work with you to design your home or remodel and present the plan for your approval.

Once plans are in place and the bids have been completed and approved, we will draw up contracts and go over them together, to ensure that everything is clear and acceptable to everyone.

Once contracts are signed, we will obtain the necessary permits and your finalized financing arrangements.

We will determine a start date and work will begin on your home!

Experience a 3D tour of your project plan

After we draw up your proposed design, we’ll give you a 3D tour of your new space.

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